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Reeves Land Services

Reeves Land Services, LLC (RLS) was formed in 2013 by Travis M. Reeves who has been in the land services industry as an independent petroleum landman since 2006. RLS specializes in providing a range of land services for individual land and mineral owners as well as independent and publicly traded oil and gas companies. RLS recognizes and understands that it provides representation for the client in the field and so it prides itself on a work ethic based in honesty and integrity and the production of high-quality products. RLS performs all forms of land work associated with oil and gas exploration including title research, leasing and pipeline right of way acquisitions.

Our Mission

RLS is a passionate advocate for its clients and enjoys conquering the most complicated of projects. So, whether it be determining mineral ownership of a particularly “messy” tract, negotiating an oil and gas lease as a lessor or lessee, preparing a run sheet with a hard deadline or tracking down a litany of missing or unknown heirs, at RLS, the belief is we can conquer any task.

Here to Assist 

If you feel that you have a task or a project in need of tackling, Mr. Reeves would like to personally invite you to reach out to RLS by phone or email via the contacts page with any questions or to schedule an appointment.


Travis M. Reeves, RPL
San Antonio, Texas 78230

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